Science Week 2018

During Science Week 2018, Hunwick Primary School's Year 2 children took part in a research study ran by The Department of Psychology at Durham University.

The study explores what information the children use to judge where their hand is. For example, do they rely on seeing the hand to tell where it is, or can they sense this from muscle signal only? The children were asked to point under their finger and measure how accurate this is. They used a fake hand to see how much seeing the hand influenced response.

Science Week 2018Science Week 2018

Dr Cowie and her team also visited every class to explain about her research and invited everyone to take part.

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this research and learnt lots about their senses.

Science Week 2018Science Week 2018


"They put a fake hand in front of us and covered our hand with a cloak. They stroked the fake hand with a brush and it felt like the fake hand was my own!"


"They were testing our bodies and how well we know our bodies"


"They had an experiment where there was a little door and you had to tell them when your hand was big enough to get a hi 5"


"It tested our sense. It was really fun!"


"I liked it when you needed to put your hand under the table and on on top again. It was a fun experiment!"


"I liked the fake hand experiment because it felt like the fake hand was mine. It was really strange!"

Science Week 2018Science Week 2018

    Published on Tuesday 27 March 2018 by Mr M Hall.