Leavers' Performance: The Key Master

A promo video of the upcoming Leavers' Performance. 


"History is boring: it's never cool." *


"Just another subject they make you learn at school." *


"Date after date. Fact after fact. Where is the future in learning stuff like that?" *


Have you heard this before?


Do you even think this yourself?




Oak Class, an unsuspecting class in a sleepy village school, has their thinking turned upside down when their latest supply teacher arrives ready to teach them a thing or two about History. Join the Key Master as she takes us on a journey through British history that will open their minds to the impact that the past has had on our nation, but also its significance in shaping the here and now.


Coming soon: Tuesday 18th July 2023.


* These opinions are song lyrics only and DO NOT express the opinions of Hunwick Primary School pupils towards History!

    Published on Friday 14 July 2023 by Mrs Wade.