Aims, Visions and Values

Our aims, vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


Our School Vision

At Hunwick Primary School, we provide an exciting and challenging environment in which all children and staff are given opportunities to develop to their best ability: academically, socially, spiritually and morally.

Working in partnership with parents and the community in an atmosphere of mutual trust, we recognise and provide for the rights of our pupils, encouraging them to have respect for themselves and others, and to develop as responsible members of our global society. This is facilitated through a broad, exciting and enriched curriculum, equipping and developing our pupils as independent, life-long learners.


Aims of the School

At Hunwick Primary School we aim to:

Education and Training

  • Guide and support every child in fulfilling their potential
  • Promote high standards and high expectations in all areas of school life
  • Develop high aspirations and motivate children to enjoy learning
  • Provide children with the skills and enthusiasm for life-long learning

Protection from Harm and Neglect

  • Keep children safe at all times
  • Provide a safe, stimulating, happy environment
  • Value everyone in our school community
  • Contribute in developing a sense of right and wrong

Physical and Mental Health

  • To encourage healthy lifestyles
  • To keep children mentally and emotionally healthy
  • To help children become caring and responsible
  • To work towards eliminating childhood obesity

Contribute to Society

  • Develop councils and groups in school which contribute to the decisions made
  • Be central to the village community
  • Work with local groups whenever possible
  • Understand that there are vulnerable groups in all societies and that we can all help
  • Prepare and educate children about the wider world, beyond the local area
  • Continue to develop partnerships with local, national and international partners

Achieve economic well being

  • Work with the community and local children’s board to improve the community
  • Give pupils the opportunity to raise funds and take responsibility for projects
  • Prepare them for secondary education by developing independence


School Values

Our school reflects British values in all that we do.

We encourage our children to be creative, unique, open-minded and independent individuals, respectful of themselves and of others in our school, our local community and the wider world.

We aim to nurture our children on their journey through life so they can grow into safe, caring, democratic, responsible and tolerant adults who make a positive difference to British Society and to the world.

Our full British Values Statement can be read by clicking on the link below.

  • British Values Statement
    British Values Statement