Our aim in Physical Education is to help the children learn more about their bodies through a programme of sporting fitness incorporating gymnastics, dance, games swimming and water safety, athletics and outdoor adventure activities. We encourage each child to develop a life-long interest and enjoyment of physical activity.

A full competitive sporting programme has been developed with children from all years encouraged to take part at whatever level they can. A positive social attitude towards team games is fostered enabling the children to understand the importance of team work and co-operation.

Physical education promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action. It involves thinking, selecting and applying skills and promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. Thus we enable them to make informed choices about physical activity throughout their lives.

At Hunwick Primary School we aim:

  • to help children develop an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and to recognise and describe how their bodies feel during exercise;
  • to enable children to develop and explore physical skills with increasing control and co-ordination in order that they can find a physical activity they can excel in;
  • to provide children with opportunities to be physically active for sustained periods of time;
  • to develop social skills including qualities of leadership, organisation, good sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • to increase self-confidence through developing children’s ability to use what they have learnt to improve the quality and control of their performance;
  • to develop the children’s enjoyment of physical activity through creativity and imagination;
  • to promote an understanding of safe practice, and develop a sense of responsibility towards their own and others’ safety and well-being

There are two hours for PE allocated to EYFS to Year 6 per week.  In addition to this, children are provided with equipment to facilitate physical activity during breaktimes and there are a range of after school clubs provided such as football, games, netball, dance, tag rugby, basketball and cricket. 

Competitive sport is also something we value highly at Hunwick Primary School. Hunwick Primary School regularly participates in competitive games and sports with other schools; both locally and sometimes regionally. Every year we also run inter house competitions which take place during curriculum time. Although competition beyond the school is important and supports collaborative team work, as well as enabling pupils to recognise their own strengths and evaluate their performance.

Please follow the link below for details of our P.E. curriculum.

Long Term Plan: P.E.

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