Parent/Carer Views

We regularly ask parents what they think about Hunwick Primary School. Below are the latest questionnaire results.

The February Questionnaire shows our most recent parental views. They are very positive! Here are a selection of the comments parents made on the questionnaires about their feelings towards our school.

‘The teachers want the best for the children in their care and want them to reach their full potential.’

‘Thank you for inspiring my child.’

‘Many hard working staff standing cheering on the side lines throughout the year.’

‘An ethos which focuses on developing well-rounded young people.’

‘A focus on a celebration of all skills and successes is excellent.’

Analysis of February 2018 Parent/Carer Questionnaire

Analysis of June 2016 Parent/Carer Questionnaire


Below is also a link to 'Parent View' - the method OFSTED uses to gauge parental opinions about a school. Please add your responses to the online survey if you can, as it gives us and those outside of our school a clear view of Hunwick Primary School. Thank you!

Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school