Dance Festival

Year 3 represented Hunwick at a dance festival on Thursday 8th February at Parkside School. The children created a dance around the theme 'mechanics'. They thought of their own choreography, pretending to be robots. All the children did fantastic and positive behaviour was commented on by other schools. Well done Year 3!

We welcomed our parents into school to watch our performance on Friday 9th February.

Dance FestivalDance Festival

Here are some comments from the children and parents.

'We all loved representing the school because we got to show how hard we work, we could show off our talents and let people know how good Hunwick School is' - Whole Class

'I enjoyed the dance competition because I liked our music and listening to the other songs.' -Eva

'I liked watching the other schools because they were creative.' - Jack

'Our dance was really good because we tried our best. It was exciting to perform in front of an audience.' - Grace

Dance FestivalDance Festival

Parent comments:

'A great idea to share their work. My child was very excited at the thought of me being able to watch him and it was obvious that much hard work had been put into the performance.'

'Fantastic! Lots of hard work from teaching staff and pupils. Really enjoyed it!'

'I enjoyed it and I'm pleased we got the opportunity to see it.'

Published on Sunday 11 February 2018 by Mr M Hall.