Year 4 Learn about Mexico

Today we invited our grown ups into school to share our learning about Mexico. We made wraps with Mrs Elstob, played Spanish bingo with Miss Armstrong and created Mexican tile art and Day of the Dead masks with Mrs Shale. It also gave us the opportunity to share our new knowledge as we talked about the landscape, climate zones and comparisons between different locations in the country. We even sang Twinkle Twinkle in Spanish accompanied by those in our class who play guitar.

Year 4 Learn about Mexico

Some of us were very brave and took on the jalapeno chilli challenge - they were HOT!

A big thank you to all the adults that were able to attend this activity morning. Thanks is also extended to B&Q Bishop Auckland for helping us with the tiles.

Year 4 Learn about MexicoYear 4 Learn about Mexico

Morning Feedback

"I enjoyed making the wraps because I tasted some new foods." Connor

"It was the best morning ever! I was able to spend time with my dad in school." Chloe K

"I liked that I could taste some new Mexican foods and make patterns on the tiles. I liked that Mum was in with me." Archie

"I liked it when I made the wrap for my Mam and playing bingo. I learnt some Spanish numbers." Ella

"We thoroughly enjoyed the morning. The activities gave a brilliant taste of Mexico."

"A very enjoyable morning with an excellent range of activities for both children and parents."

"What a great privilege to share school with my child."

"We both enjoyed the morning! It is always good to be able to interact with my daughter at school. Thanks!"

Published on Tuesday 3 April 2018 by Mr M Hall.