Hunwick Legion V take over Hadrian's Wall

Back in the mists of time, when September dew settled gently on the rolling Northumberland hills and mist lingered before the sun burnt through, shouts of delight could be heard reverberating across valley and ravine as Year Five took to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum.

Pupils had previously completed a bridging unit between their knowledge of Roman Britain and their geography topic on Italy. Their focus was one man who changed a nation and consolidated an Empire: Hadrian. As well as studying the impact that Hadrian's Wall had on life in Britain, they had also learnt about other structures that the military leader and passionate architect had had a hand in designing: Hadrian's Villa, The Temple of Venus and Roma and the Pantheon to name a few.

Hunwick Legion V take over Hadrian’s WallHunwick Legion V take over Hadrian’s Wall

After having a lesson with a holographic teacher and a bird's eye view of the area (with the help of the 3D cinema experience), pupils were taken to Vindolanda where they met Lauren, our expert guide, who talked them through archaeological finds and how historians can piece together the past from such artefacts.

Hunwick Legion V take over Hadrian’s Wall

Here are some quotes from the pupils about their experience:

Isaac: “I learn how big the Roman forts were and that the house were made out of stone. There was also lots of underfloor heating as well which demonstrated how advances the Romans were in their time.”

Sophie: “I enjoyed the trip because there was lots to see and it was interesting for me as I liked looking at the old Roman buildings and trying to imagine Emperor Hadrian himself being there. Maybe he even bought something from the shops!”

Victoria: “Emperor Hadrian built the wall to consolidate his empire. His leadership style was interesting and to take over most of the known world made him incredibly powerful.”

    Published on Thursday 29 November 2018 by Mr M Hall.