Pizza fit for a Queen

Mouth-watering aromas could once again be smelt lingering over Class Five shortly before half-term. As part their geography topic and DT topic on tastes of Italy, pupils had the opportunity to make pizza from scratch, just like a 'mama italiana' would make. Having learnt about the humble origins of the dish before its elevation to royal status by Raeffele Esposito in 1889, pupils learnt about how his clever and patriotic design won the heart and taste buds of Queen Margherita.

Pizza fit for a QueenPizza fit for a Queen

The rest of the world soon caught on and now pizza is one of Italy's most widely celebrated exports. Under the expert eyes of head-chefs, Miss Smith and Mrs Elstob, pupils kneaded their dough, before shaping them, topping them and watching them cook in the smouldering pizza oven situated outside.

Pizza fit for a QueenPizza fit for a Queen

Here are some of their reflections about their experience:

Chloe: “It was my first opportunity to use a proper pizza oven. Not that I know how to do it, it has impacted my life because it is a memorable moment, and I now understand what it is like to work in a pizza shop.”

Ella: “Even though I don't like pizza, my mam really enjoyed it which made me feel really proud of myself.”

Austin: “I've learnt that the colours of the margherita symbolises the colours on the Italian flag with the basil, mozzarella and tomato. I couldn't believe that we could use a proper pizza oven. I now feel a lot more confident on how to make a delicious pizza.”

Pizza fit for a QueenPizza fit for a Queen

    Published on Thursday 29 November 2018 by Mr M Hall.