Igniting writers' passions at Sunderland Fire Station

On Tuesday 4th December, pupils from Year 5 were taken on a dynamic, captivating and fast paced voyage of discovery into the hearts and minds of their imaginations and to explore where no story tellers had gone before. With the help of Christina, they successfully navigated the gauntlet of the begrudging editor, Mr Roberts. Proving that children can indeed write and come up with something original, without stealing ideas and characters from other authors, pupils were able to pool their ideas before voting on their favourites to make it into the story writing process. The Spy 008, was the front runner for the main character, leaving a knight and a princess at the door. Unfortunately, Pickles the Dinosaur didn't make the cut as his trusty side-kick, but Clown WW the getaway driver was awarded such prestige. Their ideas came thick and fast as they sparked off the imaginations of their peers. With character descriptions and personality traits identified, aided by Amy and Izzie, the children set to work about thinking about 008's greatest wish alongside his greatest fear. Focusing in on the location, helped the group work together to create this gripping story opener:

On a cold winter night, with the smell of freshly baked cherry pie in the air I stood shivering. Searching all over in the dark gloomy shut down factory I was looking for the antidote for the poison that was spreading. Sirens echoed in my ears…

Igniting writers’ passions at Sunderland Fire StationIgniting writers’ passions at Sunderland Fire Station

With hint of a smile, Mr Roberts further challenged them to think of not just one, but twenty-two alternative possibilities with where the story could go next. Was that even possible within his pressing thirty minute deadline?!

If that wasn't enough pressure - the pupils were joined by a film crew from the National Lottery! The 1907 central fire station opened as a centre for participatory activities in the performing arts with a focus on young people in November 2017, thanks to a £2.5m Heritage Lottery Fund grant. Having received such a significant financial backing, they were producing a film to highlight the impact that this creative writing project is having on the lives of young people in the North East. It was a privilege to showcase the success of this venture in conjunction with our pupils. Once edited, the video will feature online. We can't wait to see the final cut and relive the day again.

Igniting writers’ passions at Sunderland Fire StationIgniting writers’ passions at Sunderland Fire Station

Here's what some of the pupils thought about their workshop:

Harry C: “The experience boosted my confidence towards creative writing.”

Ella: “It has made my brain think more about how I can improve my sentence starters.”

Niamh: “It has made an impact on my learning by helping me to describe the scene and what you can smell and what you can hear.”

Igniting writers’ passions at Sunderland Fire Station

    Published on Friday 7 December 2018 by Mr M Hall.