Chestnut Class (EYFS)

Chestnut Class is our Early Years Foundation Stage unit with a lovely mix of Nursery and Reception children. Mrs Round, Miss Armstrong and Miss Simpson work in Chestnut Class. On a Monday afternoon the wonderful Mrs Oliver teaches in class and on a Thursday Miss Gallagher teaches in Chestnut Class. 

In Class we aim to ensure your child is happy, safe and that they enjoy learning throughout their school day. We love to help the children to become fantastic members of Hunwick Primary School! 

Children learn through play, practical activities and direct teaching to develop their skills and allow them to be creative, curious and engaged learners. The children focus on subjects such as Phonics, Literacy and Maths, as these are the fundamental areas of Early Learning. Furthermore, children develop their understanding of the world by looking into aspects of science, history, geography and RE. In Chestnut Class, we love to develop and allow children to express their creative skills through art, music, dance, drama and imaginary play. 

All children have an opportunity to access the continuous provision and are encouraged to develop their interests. Children are challenged through problem solving, questioning to help further their learning through play.

As well as learning educational skills, children in Chestnut Class work on forming new friendships, being more independent, and following structures and routines. Hunwick Primary School children are valued members of our community and in Chestnut Class we support children to let their big personalities shine bright, like stars that they are!


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