Maple Class (Years 1&2)

Maple Class is for children in Years 1 and 2 and is taught by Mrs Shale and Mrs Barker, with the help of Mrs Elstob. 
Each day, children will enjoy exciting lessons with a strong focus being on phonics, reading and embedding basic maths skills.  These skills are then used across the curriculum as children develop their curiosity and knowledge of the world they live in, the past and present, nature and the human body.  To prepare them for the ever changing world, they will learn how to word process, create presentations and how to use the internet safely.  PE is a key part of the week and will allow children to participate in new games, activities and learn how to keep their body fit and healthy. 
Learning in Maple Class is not just about being academic.  Children are inquisitive and so we encourage them to ask questions and explore their ideas.  Ensuring children are happy is our main goal and therefore would like to know if there are particular issues we can support them with.  We teach them how to become independent and resilient and ensure they understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process.  We will participate in events and activities throughout the year that utilise these developing skills and hope to provide them with memories that will last. 

For more details regarding the year group’s content for English and Maths, please take a look at our 'The curriculum' page under 'About us'.

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  • Curriculum Overview 22/23
    Curriculum Overview 22/23

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